Get closer to the people you love and care about with an experience you will remember for a lifetime.


Fill your heart, not your closet, with a JetHeart hands on activity.

More than a greeting card more than a gift

Wood & Yarn Rainbow Craft Kits - NEW
Bonding Vouchers & Dice Game Packs
Wooden Dice Games
DIY Keepsake Boxes

About Us

At JetHeart, we want to foster communication, build relationships, and show you how much joy there is to be had through spending time together. The experiences that you chose helps to strengthen connections with, family members, friends, your love relationships while learning to have fun with the people you already already love and care about.

The story

about the first JetHeart

more than a greeting card
more than a gift

choose from over 600 experiences to inspire and enhance

Quality Time
Stronger Bonds
Less Screen Time
Creative Experiences
Rekindle your Romance
Ignight a New Romance
New Memories

with the people you love and care about

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