JetHeart is just the ticket to have a blast!

The experiences that you choose helps to strengthen connections with family members, friends, your love relationships, new relationships while learning to have fun with the people you love and care about

JetHeart makes being present the gift, and helps you fill your memory banks and hearts instead of your attic and shelves.

There are so many ways to spend time with the people you care about, but it can be tough to be creative when you’re stressed, pressed for time, or just unsure of what makes a good “quality time” activity. That’s why we created JetHeart: we take the guesswork out of creative gift giving, and give you the ticket to getting together, having fun, and learning more about the people in your life.

We know there’s no childcare parent handbook, so our activities for parents and kids are a great way to spend time with kids and teens who are glued to screens all weekend. Need help getting your teen to open up?   A ticket to an activity is an easy way to allow your teens to communicate effectively. Couples who want to reignite the flames can rekindle the romance with our activities, or even just commit to dedicated together-time in your busy schedules.

No matter your reason for using JetHeart, our goal is to connect people through meaningful experiences. So many of us already have more than enough stuff in our closets, overflowing our garages, and collecting dust under our beds. JetHeart makes being present the gift, and helps you fill your memory banks and hearts instead of your attic and shelves. Ideal as gifts for minimalists, JetHeart is great for anyone who is tough to buy for, who has all they need, or who could use a little more people time in their lives.


It can be hard for families to communicate when our lives are so busy, but JetHeart activities are great for the whole family to build trust and strengthen bonds.

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We’re not all love poets, and expressing the way you feel doesn’t have to come in words. JetHeart activities can turn activities into messages to the people you care about.

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Chocolates, flowers, teddy bears—they can be a sweet surprise, but nothing says “I love you” like dedicated time together through a JetHeart experience.
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Material gifts can be thoughtful, but memories of a JetHeart activity will outlast the joy of that new video game and endure beyond that t-shirt’s lifespan.
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A little time spent with your kids, your spouse, or your parents can make a huge impact on your bonds. Pump some communication iron with a cooking class, a day at the beach, or other specialized JetHeart activities.


With events like Black Friday and the demands on your wallet getting out of hand, now is a good time to say enough stuff is enough. JetHeart activities are more unique than any items you can buy, with you and your kids making even everyday activities into something special.


The old saying, “actions speak louder than words,” is so true today. Committing to spending time shows how much you care, and speaks love through a megaphone to your favorite people.


Memories of time shared will outlast most of the latest trends, and what better way to make memories than to spend time on an activity you and your loved ones can all enjoy? Learn a new craft, visit a new place, or just dedicate yourself to time without tech.


The only way to start a new tradition is to start it! Make this year the year when Christmas is about time together, or show your kids how to express themselves through actions, not things.


You deserve reconnecting with yourself, as well. Make a promise to yourself with a JetHeart ticket, and remember to be present whenever a JetHeart activity is going on: only open hearts can be filled.