Activities as a Single Parent

7 Activities You Can Do with Your Children as a Single Parent


OLLY IS A 14 YEAR OLD GIRL. Her parents recently separated and she wants to spend quality time with each of them but really doesn’t know where to begin. They both work long hours and thus family time is at a premium. Dinner at each house consists of little conversation and mostly loud silence because nobody knows the right thing to say anymore. Molly is stuck in a difficult situation and wants so desperately to reach out and connect with each of her parents. It’s hard for them to find the time or the right experience to get their minds off of the challenging aspects of their situation so they can just enjoy each other’s company again, as they seek a “new normal.” 

When couples said, “I do,” they didn’t realize they would ever be forced to admit “I do” not know how I’m going to manage being a single parent. Regardless of the reasons for becoming a single parent, these caregivers now have to juggle work and the responsibilities that were previously shared by two people.  

Parents love their children and want to be emotionally supportive along with spending quality time together, but sometimes they just don’t know where to begin. Even though the family dynamic has changed, and the family make up looks different, parents know they’ll always be a family, no matter what.  

The familial ties that bind do not break just because parents break up. Caregivers just got to get a little more creative to accommodate apprehensive young children and teens who may feel hurt and to blame for the situation, when that certainly isn’t the case. 

JetHeart understands the challenges of being a single parent. We have a plethora of activities for you to choose from that will help you connect with your children and create new memories. There are times when the stresses in our lives keeps us from spending quality time with the people we love most and JetHeart is here to make it easier to connect in meaningful ways through experiences you won’t forget.

1. Have a meaningful conversation with no technology distractions

In this day and age of electronics, it’s hard to get each other’s undivided attention. JetHeart cuts to the chase and helps children ask their parents for their full attention so they can have a meaningful conversation with no technology distracting anyone for the entire conversation. This means phones are off and listening ears are on.

2. Listen without judgement or interruptions

Speaking of listening, active listening is something that’s gone by the wayside. So many times people aren’t really listening to what others have to say but rather they are just formulating their own next responses. Choose this activity and get your family to focus on listening without judgment or interruptions so everybody is heard and valued. 

3. Tell your children why you’re proud of them

Children can get lost in the shuffle when marriages are unraveling, even when everybody tries their best to focus on the right priorities. Once the daily routine is disrupted, your children may miss out on the parts of the day where you discuss their accomplishments and goals. This JetHeart adventure reminds you to set aside some time to tell your children why you’re proud of them so they know they still have your unwavering support.

4. Take pictures together and create a photo book

But first, remember to take a selfie! As family dynamics change, the lineups in the family photos won’t be the same anymore but the importance of family photos remains. When the kids are at dad’s house, they’ll want to see mom and vice versa. Use this JetHeart adventure to take pictures together and create a photo book that will preserve positive memories for years to come.

5. Volunteer together

Sometimes when a family is going through challenging times, it’s important to get a reality check and be grateful for what you do have as you focus on the positives. Volunteering together is a great way to introduce your family to the concept of philanthropy and giving back. Not only does it help others in the process, it helps the family be more mindful of their own situations and put things in perspective. It feels good to help others and it feels even better to share this time with those you love.

6. Teach your children something you’re good at

What better way to appreciate each parent for who they are than to learn more about their unique skills? Maybe mom can sew her own clothes or perhaps dad was secretly a great chef but didn’t put his skills to good use while the nuclear family existed. Now’s the time to spend quality time that will lead not only to fun bonding time but also to an appreciation for each parent’s individual talents. Carve out this time to teach your children something you’re good at.

7. Plant a garden

Getting your mind off of concerning things is a great way to process life’s challenges. When parents can enjoy some outside time with their children, it’s good for everyone. Have a little outdoor fun by planting a garden. Get a little vitamin D from the sun, enjoy getting your hands dirty and make the most of the process as you discuss what tasty things you’ll cook together with the fruits (and vegetables!) of your labor once your garden sprouts.

With one or more of these adventures, you’re on the fast track to reconnecting with your children, creating new memories, and strengthening familial bonds, no matter the family dynamics. Visit our shop for even more adventures you can enjoy with your children as a single parent.

Wishing you happiness.

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