Bonding Vouchers & Dice Game Pack – Kids


Jetheart is just the ticket to create meaningful memories. Fill out your bonding pass voucher cards and give them to the people you love and care about.

The Kids Bonding Pass themed gift is packaged in a cotton drawstring bag with eight (8) 9″ x 3.5″ assorted Bonding Pass Vouchers with a wooden dice game to keep the fun rolling.

Vouchers say:
• Chore-free day
• A sleepover at our place with my friend(s)
• Movie night at home with my choice of snacks
• Stay up for ___ hours past my bedtime
• Pizza for dinner
• Dessert before dinner
• Read me a story
• Blank voucher to fill in your personal experience

Dice sides say:
• Dessert of my choice
• Sleepover with my friend(s)
• Chore free day
• Sleep-in
• Stay-up late

Drawstring Bag: 5” x 7” cotton bag
Voucher Dimensions: 9″ x 3.5″ glossy cardstock
Dice Dimensions: 1.5” solid Birch Wood