Parents Entertainment

Parents Entertainment


Sitting around and staring at your phone is not a great way to bond with the family, let alone provide entertainment for the family. Play a round of scrabble together and be amazed by your children’s vocabulary skills. Or go to the movies and let your child choose the snack. Want to have a long term entertainment option? Vote on a show to watch as a family and watch it together each week. Whichever adventure you choose, it’s a path to opening better communications with your children in a relaxed and fun environment.


  1. Choose your adventure from the dropdown
  2. Fill out the optional JetHeart Icon Passenger (Receiver) and JetHeart IconIssuer (Giver) names to be printed, or leave blank for future customization and flexibility
  3. Enter quantity of tickets
  4. Click "Add to Cart" and continue shopping
  5. Add on additional envelopes* or premium adventure gift boxes for full gift experience

*Each adventure ticket comes with a JetHeart envelope.