Romantic Art and Creativity

Romantic Art and Creativity


You don’t have to be artists to let creativity be a part of your romantic journey together. Learning a new art of craft together can be a sweet way to find a new common activity, and it can be a chance to connect as you learn and grow in that craft together. You might sign up for watercolor painting classes—then you can surprise one another with inside jokes, loving messages, or images of the things that you each love. Inspire one another by rewriting the classic love poems you hold dear, or find a paint-by-numbers print to complete together. Don’t worry about making perfect art: just focus on being with your special someone and communicating your way to a deeper bond.


  1. Choose your adventure from the dropdown
  2. Fill out the optional JetHeart Icon Passenger (Receiver) and JetHeart IconIssuer (Giver) names to be printed, or leave blank for future customization and flexibility
  3. Enter quantity of tickets
  4. Click "Add to Cart" and continue shopping
  5. Add on additional envelopes* or premium adventure gift boxes for full gift experience

*Each adventure ticket comes with a JetHeart envelope.