Romantic Indoors

Romantic Indoors


If you’re like a lot of us, then an indoor date involves a movie, snacks, and maybe some nice wine. Even if you’re stuck inside during a blizzard, or avoiding the heat waves of summer, you can find new and exciting things to do indoors to kick up the romance. Get back in touch with your childlike sense of joy and creativity with a set of finger paints and butcher paper, or make love-themed fortune cookies for one another. A game of scrabble can turn into a love letter of tiles. Don’t get sucked into another night of no communication or bonding, with just a screen holding the two of you together. Turn on some tunes, and let a change of pace fire up your romantic flames.


  1. Choose your adventure from the dropdown
  2. Fill out the optional JetHeart Icon Passenger (Receiver) and JetHeart IconIssuer (Giver) names to be printed, or leave blank for future customization and flexibility
  3. Enter quantity of tickets
  4. Click "Add to Cart" and continue shopping
  5. Add on additional envelopes* or premium adventure gift boxes for full gift experience

*Each adventure ticket comes with a JetHeart envelope.