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You’re one step closer to giving memorable and meaningful experiences to your friends and loved ones.

We all go into a relationship hoping for the best and trusting in our love to keep the momentum going.  But sometimes, it takes more work. Like many couples, my ex-husband and I tried our hardest to make it work, though it was too hard to go back to where we’d started. Sadly, our hearts had closed off, and we’d grown too far apart.

After time passed and with a healed and open heart, I met someone special.

While searching for his birthday gift, I found a card that unexpectedly became his gift. “Things we should totally do together” was printed on the front along with whimsical illustrations of fun experiences. I cut out each illustration and attached them individually to little cards along with my personal illustrations and placed them all inside a box, decorated just for him. The first JetHeart!

It was so fun to create the experiences and spend those moments with him that it inspired me to share the idea with you. I’ve come up with dozens of experiences to create the perfect gift for your friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

Whether the experience is big or small, spending time together and reconnecting in a meaningful way makes being present the gift and will help you fill your memory banks and hearts with the people you love and care about.

My hope is that JetHeart will inspire you to communicate with the people you love in a more active, open-hearted way.  By giving or receiving JetHeart experiences, the communication channels will open in ways you never thought possible!

Wishing you happiness.

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